About us


What do we see? Communities thriving and growing through coffee. 

So, our mission in life is to to tell the stories that matter and create systems that enable communities throughout the value chain of our coffee business. So that whether you are a coffee farmer or a coffee drinker, you are treated with care. 

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Ben Mathews

Miriam Mathews

Than Haa Thach

We started Pneuma so we...

...could make a difference. 

We have a passion for the farmers in the coffee industry as well as a good-tasting cuppa! One of our co-founders, Benjamin, helped to set up An-edza Coffee in 2016 and since then has seen the need for something to complete the circle and bring more value to all the parts of our value chain. We all want a good cup of coffee, but we’re also passionate about ensuring that the poorest people in the value chain get treated fairly, too.