Pneuma Coffee 

Our vision is to see communities thriving and growing through coffee.  



Our mission it to tell the stories that matter and create systems that enable communities throughout the value chain of our coffee business. So that whether you are a coffee farmer or a coffee drinker, you are treated with care.  


Our Business Model  

As our coffee customers, we know you care about where your coffee comes from. Ethical business is not just a fad. There are families, communities and livelihoods behind the coffee we drink and, here at Pneuma Coffee, we really care about that.  


Our mission is to enable communities throughout the value chain of our coffee business. Coffee farmers, as with many agricultural farmers around the world, can be the ones most hard done-by in global value chains. We know this is the case in the coffee industry and it’s something we want to impact through our business model. We want the poorer players in the value chain – the farmers – to be better supported in the work they do to provide the coffee we love.  


Our business model is based on the Relationship Coffee model, which “is a speciality coffee value chain arrangement where smallholders work closely with roasters, buyers and importers to establish a direct, long-term trading partnership for coffees that have high-quality profiles” (Hernandez et al 2018, P. 2).. This model hinges on the pursuit of quality at the farmer level – this means we can achieve better transparency and traceability throughout the value chain and, inevitably, achieve a better price for the farmers and a better tasting coffee in your cup.  


To do this, we partner with An-edza Coffee, a company importing coffee from farming cooperatives in Colombia (and looking to expand into other countries). Through the on-the-ground relationships An-edza has with its Fondo Nacional del Café (FNC) certified farming cooperatives, we are able to ensure that the coffee we source can be paid for equitably and with a reliable quality. For more information about An-edza, have a look at their website.  


We have also established the Pneuma Development Fund to support the farmers we work with. In addition to ensuring that we pay the farmers a fair price for the green coffee they supply us, we have set up the Pneuma Development Fund. A portion of all Pneuma Coffee sales will go into this fund to support the farmers we work with, with the dual aim of:  

  1. improving coffee quality through education and best practice methods, and 

  1. enabling farmers to be resilient amid changing global conditions including, significantly, climate change.  


We will be putting local programmes in place to deliver on these aims, through our partnership with An-edza Coffee.